January 10

The Mule (2018)

I watched The Mule and straight off the bat let me tell you it was great! If you like comedy and/or action I would 10/10 recommend! The Mule starts off with Earl Stone the main character rebuilding his life after hitting rock bottom and his family completely hating him. In order to do so, he transports cartel’s drugs across the US without him even knowing. He does this all while a DEA agent hunts for him, the one thing neither know is they’ve had multiple interactions for each other. My favorite part of the movie is when Earl gets a call from his daughter telling him his wife is about to die, this man does what any normal person would do and pulls up to his daughter’s house with a truck stacked to the brim with cocaine to say his goodbye’s. The cartel was so mad that he was late to the drop off they sent hitmen after him. What I love though is when the hitmen found out he was late because his wife died they had sympathy and didn’t kill him. This scene showed me that even the worst of the worst have a heart. This movie also made me realize how important dignity is, being true for who you are and showing responsibility for your actions.  During his sentencing, while his lawyer was trying to liberate some charges Earl stands up and pleads guilty to all of them, what a man! Well to sum it up The Mule was amazing!


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