December 19

Aquaman Coming out

A ton of movies are coming out on the 22 and Aquaman is one of them. I’m pretty sure he’s based of the greek god Poseidon but that’s besides the point. I was planning to go watch it but now i’m hesitant. I’m hesitant because the best movie critiquing website, Rotten Tomatoes has given it such a low rating of 60%. In my book that’s awful like for real Transformers has a higher rating, and let me tell you I hate Transformers. Now i’m stuck whether to see it or not. I think i’ll just go rate it for myself the internet these days isn’t very trustworthy.

December 7

Robin Hood

Robin Hood was awesome, it seems like the movie industry has really been bringing up its game like for real, so many great movies are out. Anyways on too robin hood one of the top ten best childhood stories becoming a movie. What I love about the movie is it elaborates on the story, it makes you feel like your watching a whole different story when your really not.¬†It¬†starts off with Robin living the best life, he’s got a house, friends, girls literally anything a man can ask for. It all changed when he got sent to war. During his fourth year of the war the English King needed more room for prisoners, so demanded the execution of all of them. Robin encounters a father yelling helplessly that his son was about to be killed, he Like any good fellow he knew it was wrong and blocked his commanding officer from delivering the blow. This then sparked all out chaos making Robin seem like a traitor. He was banished from the army and returned home. Once he arrived home however, he found out everyone thought he was dead, the king was using everyone for money, his house was completely destroyed, and to top it all off his girl was with another man! He was furious, when he decided to entered his house he was surprised too the the father of the kid he saved sitting there with a cup of tea. The father was a commanding officer of the enemy forces and a master military genius. He taught Robin How to be a killer, and sent him off to tackle the poverty his people were in. Together they robbed the rich and gave it to the poor. When Robin decided to become allies with the king he used that knowledge to steal even more. He seemed unstoppable, until he decided to make the people revolt against the king. When that occurred he was unkillable and the revolt ended up costing the king’s his death and his girlfriend came back together with him. One thing though the man his girl was with wanted revenge and that’s where it the movie ended. I did leave out some stuff but it’s enough for you too tell that it was pretty insane. My man literally went from rich to poor like thirdy times. I would 21/10 recommend this movie too any movie lover out there.