November 27

Creed II

Creed II was great, and that’s coming from me, someone not a fan of boxing. The cast did their part well especially Adonis Creed played by Michael B Jordan who was made famous by the movie Black Panther. Furthermore if you slam open a dictionary I bet you under never give up Creed II is in bold ink. Like for real this movie honestly was the perfect combination of family, friendship, and following what you know best. Spoiler alert the whole movie is basically the viewer following Adonis Creed in his journey to face off his biggest rival, Dragos. The background information the movie provides does it justice. The idea that Adonis Creed is fighting to regain what his father Apollo Creed couldn’t accomplish is just great. It really makes you feel like your in the shoes of Creed himself. His father dying in the ring before he was even born and the decision to go in and finish what your father couldn’t accomplish, versing the son of the man that is responsible for his death is just crazy! For sure I wouldn’t be the man to go in, but could you?

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