November 16

Night School

This weekend me and my friends were out at the mall wandering around we got bored so decided to watch a movie, initially we so gonna watch Venom but it was sold out, so we decided to watch Night School. I wasn’t to happy because I really wanted to watch Venom but it was all I had. The movie starts with the smallest comedian known to man, Kevin Hart blowing up his place of employment. After he lives lying to his fiance saying that he’s rich when in reality he’s dirt poor. He later finds a great job opportunity but is rejected for not having a high school diploma. He is left with one choice and that is to enroll into school behind his fiance’s back. There he encounters all his past enemies and a horrible teacher. At the end he passes the night school test and gets his dream job. This movie is the bare definition of it being never being too late to do something. Personally I felt all the comedy made Night School one of a kind!

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