About Me(lia)

  • I was born in Japan. My parents happened to be on a two year long business trip when I was born. I stayed there for a few months before we moved back to the USA. I don’t remember anything from Japan.
  • I lived in Thailand for two years. During third and fourth grade, my family went on another two year business trip. I have to be honest, I miss Thailand. I loved the heat (as crazy as that sounds), the school was so amazing, and most of the teachers were fun.
  • I despise the color orange for no known reason. I don’t really have a reason for this. Maybe it’s because, in third grade, there was a kid that wore only orange. I have no idea, other than that, I hate it. The only time I think orange looks ok, is streetlight aesthetics.
  • I’m in color guard. I’ve always wanted to spin color guard, even as a little kid watching a marching band. I just always had a want to touch those flags and be able to do pretty things with it. Although my school doesn’t offer color guard, our sister school does.
  • I love volleyball. Unfortunately, I had to quit volleyball in favor of color guard. I played volleyball for three years and I was about to start my eighth season when I had to stop. I would love to go back to volleyball, even if all of my past skills (such as my overhand serve) have left me.
  • All I do is school, play minecraft, watch anime, and sleep. I’m not sure how to describe this. I go to school, come home (or go to color guard practice), play minecraft for a few hours before I go and watch some anime or show until the am, which is when I remember I have to sleep. So yeah, the only reason I’m not a complete couch potato is because of color guard and my occasional meetup with my volleyball friends.
  • My birthday is March 7th, but in America it’s March 6th because apparently I have two birth certificates. So, I was born in Japan, but Japan is 13 hours ahead of the USA. When I was born in Japan, it was 2am. Since I’m an American citizen and not a Japanese one, we had to call back to inform them of my birth. I assume my parents told them I was born on March 7th, 4am, but I’m not entirely sure. I remember my dad once said something about my two birth certificates, one Japanese and one American. Incase you haven’t figured it out, March 7th, 4am, in Japan is March 6th, 3pm in the USA.
  • I love reading. I adore it. I love most genres, especially romance and horror. I have to admit, I’m not that big on the typical YA dystopian romance novel, but that’s just because they literally all have the same plot. Though I love romance, sometimes there’s too much romance in dystopian books. But anyways, I love reading. My favorite book is either Ready Player One by Ernest Cline or Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.
  • I’m half Vietnamese, half white. I would hope this is self explanatory. My mother’s from Vietnam, I don’t know which part. And my dad, well, his family pretty much comes from every European country out there. Our family name comes from Scotland, but I think most of our family origins come from France or something like that.
  • I love animals. I want a pet desperately. But nobody in my family has enough time for a dog (we’ve tried), and both my sister and mother are allergic to cats. My mom refuses to get a pet that stinks up the house, so that puts almost every animal out of the picture. Although cats stink occasionally, we have all agreed that if there weren’t any allergies in place, we’d definitely get a cat. Which, you know, is pretty disappointing. Since cats are my favorite animal, it’s quite sad to hear that if there weren’t health problems, I’d get one. I’ve helped out at an animal shelter kind of nearby our house, and all of the animals are so friendly.


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