9 Things I’ve Learned

9 Things I’ve Learned This Year


     As we all know, 8th grade is a very educational year (I think). It’s the year right before we transition into high school. So below, I’ve collected a number of things I’ve learned this year. They’re not all specifically educational, but I’ve learned them this year in 8th grade. 



  • About Anchor. In our Communications class, we had a podcast unit. We used this website called Anchor. Anchor is a website that easily lets you record and share your podcast to many major listening sites.
  • Lists. Although I’ve made many Kahoots, I never knew you could make a question into a list. In Civics class, we had a Kahoot where every single question was a list/put the answers in order. It was weird, especially since I’ve never seen a Kahoot list before. 
  • Lists, continued. Another thing I’ve learned about lists is how many things attract viewers. Apparently, odd numbers gain more views. I always thought multiples of five or two would be the best way since they’re numbers that everybody knows and they’re an easy way to gage how many things are on the list. Guess not though. 
  • Hexagon inside a circle. Yeah, I know. This one is a bit wack. I learned how to draw a perfect hexagon inside of a circle! As you can probably guess, I learned this little ‘trick’ in Geometry. This isn’t that important; I just thought of it.
  • Colors. I’ve realized that a lot of people think I like the color combination of yellow and black. Sure, my blog is bee themed, but that’s just because my spam account on Instagram is bee themed. If I was more creative and had come up with a better username, my account would definitely be light pink. Most likely, I’d find some sort of way to incorporate yellow in there too. Fun fact about Beelia, I hate bees (bumblebees and honey bees are on a fine line).
  • Pathos, ethos, logos. Wow, something that’s actually educational. In Communications, I learned about the advertisement techniques that every advertisement has to use. Pathos, which appeals to the emotional side. Ethos, when advertisements appeal to credibility and show that their product is legit. Logos, advertisers use facts and logic to prompt you to buy their product.
  • Biteable. Back at the beginning of the year, we all created a how-to product on what makes a quality comment. You can view the video right here !
  • One-handed 45. As some of you might know, I participated in fall guard/marching band during the fall season. What a lot of people don’t know is that color guard actually has their own individual, inside winter guard season. Our show this year is Hamilton themed. The ending flag toss is definitely the hardest toss I’ve ever learned. We have to use one hand to throw a six-foot metal pole in the air at a perfect 45 degree angle. We have been learning the toss for around three months already and we still haven’t been allowed to move on to using one hand to actually toss.
  • Thesis statements. I’ve decided to close off my list with another thing that’s actually educational. Before this year, I didn’t actually know how to form a proper thesis statement. I had no clue about the [topic]+[position]+[two broad reasons] before 8th grade English. I may be a good writer for essays and things, but somehow I’ve never been taught this before. 



     These things are just a small portion of all the things I’ve learned this year. I’ve learned so much, and the year isn’t even over. I hope to learn and experience so much more before this year ends.

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  1. Beelia-

    One thing I love about your blog posts, in addition to them being so eloquently writtten, is that I always, without exception, learn something new about you or the world from reading them. Based on this post, I definitely have to try out the new Kahoot! features, because…why not!

    I didn’t know that your color guard show this year is Hamilton-themed. How did I possibly miss this? I’d love to see you perform–if there’s a still an opportunity this year given the coronavirus bedlam.

    I also didn’t realize that you weren’t actually a fan of bees, although I am sure you support their life-essential role as world pollinators (because you care about stuff like that). You know what? You ought to change your blog theme and make sure it has some pink in it. We are allowed to change are minds–and our blog themes–as many times as we wish. That’s the beauty of being human. 🙂

    I don’t think we’ll be back in school until after spring break, for I have a feeling we’re going digital for a while. You’re a pro at this; being independent and self-motivated. It’ll be a breeze to work from home, but I’ll miss you and each of our Block 2 crew members. 🙂

    Let me know if you need anything, Beelia. I’m just an email away even now. 🙂 Hope to see you back in room A5 as an 8th grader. 🙂

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hello,
    I loved this post! I learned about Anchor, which is really cool because I love listening to podcasts and I was going to make one about a book at some time with a friend of mine! We were wondering what to do it with and I will definitely look more into it. It sounds super cool. I’m in 8th grade too, and it is a really fun grade 🙂
    See ya

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