2020 !!

Hello !! I’m back and planning to be a lot more active here (probably not, but I’ll try). Today in Communications Class, we did a little activity to learn more things about our classmates. We just asked little questions, like what their favorite song or color is. It was really weird going around and learning everybody’s personality more, even while interviewing them.
A lot of them seemed to like singing, but they all said that they were bad at it. However, none of them had the same favorite color. Like, Emma S. said that her favorite color is purple, but Brie likes red.
It seemed that many of them had four people in their family, including themselves. However, there was one who had 12 people ! There’s also Emma G, who seems to have more pets than humans. Most people who had pets had a dog, but obviously not everybody has pets. Even I don’t have a pet, but I am pushing to get some guinea pigs. Specifically two guinea pigs, since guinea pigs are social creatures and won’t be happy without a friend. During my research, I was trying to learn if a guinea pig would be happier with or without a friend. I learned that they’re much happier with friends. In fact, they’re so social that Switzerland made it illegal to own only one guinea pig!
I also noticed that a lot of my class couldn’t decide on a certain favorite food. Everybody would hesitate when asked that question, so everybody had to change the question to favorite type of food – like Italian or sweet. Personally, I enjoy the food that I grew up on, which is Vietnamese. A lot of people also couldn’t think of their favorite movie, but not many people actually ended up changing the question so that it was more genre-based instead of title-based.
Anyways, that’s all I can come up with for this post! How can you relate or contrast to my classmates? Please leave a comment!

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