Last week of SBC !!

Hey fellow bloggers !! 

Last week of the SBC, but I’m probably still going to post occasionally.


     So, I’m just going to get right into the post. I really enjoyed this blogging challenge, even though I only managed to turn in, like, five submission forms. I wrote seven blog posts overall, since my class skipped emoji week. Personally, I adored week three – fun with photos. I love writing, and since that one was when I actually got to write a fictional story, I simply adored it.

     I loved reading the emoji week though. I didn’t do it, but everybody’s post was just so creative. I especially enjoyed this one post I read because it was a math post. I’m in an advanced math class (not the most advanced, that class only has, like, ten people), so the math was easy for me. I noticed that a teacher commented on that post with a different answer than mine, and even though I know I could’ve been wrong, it made me happy with the knowledge that I could’ve been better at math than a teacher (I know I was right; I fact checked myself ten different ways).

     I received twenty comments. Both my photo story and my comments post got six comments. Commenting is a very essential part of blogging. It encourages the blogger to write more, it allows bloggers to communicate and interact, it allowed people to give feedback to the blogger, and it turns a blog from a static place to an interactive space.

     I didn’t actually learn many new web tools because I have a page on a different website that has a lot of the same things you can do here. Of course, it’s not necessarily a blog, you can just design your about with links and things very easily. I did learn about Biteable, however. You can still check out my Biteable video on commenting in my post titled, “Leaving Quality Comments.”

     When it comes to future blogging, I’m a bit lost. I need prompts to write, and without the SBC, I don’t have as many prompts. I want to update more and try to gain a bigger and more diverse audience, but I’m just not sure how to find them. 

     I truly can’t wait until the next Student Blogging Challenge, but until then, I’ll probably be a lot less active.

(Have a nice butterfly!)


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  1. Hello,
    I am Thomas a teacher in Kenya commenting at STUBC. Thank you for the butterfly. I intend to fly it to your beautiful country soon. I find your summary of this challenge providing the best lessons and a clear pathway ahead. This goes well with fiction writing.
    Best wishes,
    Thomas Oriya.

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