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     I skulk through this building. Passing sights that once brought chills rushing down to my very soul. Memories crawl up my back, yet I don’t stop once to reminisce. I’m on a mission, and nothing except success will cause me to stop.

     I can hear the bated breath, can smell the rotting tinge of fear. I feel myself start to quiver. Not sure if it’s with excitement, or if I’m still affected by the pheromones. I stop moving, sensing the source has slowed down. I know the source will come to my room soon. How fun it is to finally have visitors again! I sit in my chair, turning my head expectantly towards the door.

     I can hear the source’s footsteps speeding up. I can hear the heartbeat speeding up, the source approaching my door. How curious. It seems this one isn’t put off but the smell of blood. This one isn’t affected by the handprints, the lingering feeling of dread that hangs around me. I sit, watching as the source collapses into the room, shutting the door tight behind them. I don’t move, don’t make a sound. I know that if I do, the loneliness will settle in once again.

     The source turns around, thinking they’re safe. They did just outrun my guardian, afterall. They peak around, not noticing me until I grin. We stare at each other. One human, one shadowy figure. They watch as I approach, not realizing before it’s too late.

My guardian is the friendly one here.


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  1. Hi Beelia,
    I enjoyed your scary story. It was very tense. The last line is excellent. It’s a pity for the source that they didn’t know the guardian was the friendly one.
    I saw on your About page, Melia, that you enjoy reading. I think you must enjoy reading scary stories. Your story shows that you understand how they work with a build-up of tension. I always like stories with a twist in the end, just like yours.
    Keep reading and keep writing, but no more staying up until 2am!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi, Mrs. Wohlafka !!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment on my post !

      My picture just came from a random royalty free website, I don’t remember the specific one..

      The bumbling bee,
      Beelia !

  2. Hello Beelia!

    I really like your post! I think that you have a serious talent for writing. Keep up the great work, this is the best story that I have seen in the student blogging challenge

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