meet the class !!

Meet the Communications Class!!

Beelia, here from the East Coast! Week one of the Student Blogging Challenge and let me tell you, I’m excited to visit all these different blogs.

With this challenge, my class has made some avatars and this post is to share our class slideshow with you !     

Did the slideshow not help? Well, that’s too bad. Check out their blogs below! 

The one who loves animals

The one who loves art

The one who loves Hamilton

The one who plays piano

The one who plays volleyball

The one who trains dogs

The one who loves worldbuilding

The one who wants a pet bird

The one who likes hiking


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3 Responses

  1. Hi Beelia!

    You did an amazing job with this post. I’m so proud of you for the content…and how quickly you turned it around on a truly busy day in Communications class! You’ll be pleased to know that your blog was mentioned in this week’s Student Blogging Challenge recap. Here’s the link:

    Way to go!

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hi Beelia –

    I’m also from the East Coast (the Northeast) – sounds like we might get some rain and wind this week! Maybe you too? 🙂

    Looking at your blog post, my first thought was, “this blogger knows their way around the technical aspects of posting!” I could see how organized you were in the post and how you know to do hyperlinks, embed a slideshow, and create a (super cool) avatar. Well done.

    I’ll admit that I need to go look up “chibi” and now want to make my own avatar (my daughter will wonder what I’m up to…). Your avatar and description are really detailed – I like cats too and your avatar’s ears are cute. I’m wondering about how the wings signify you being “dead inside”. That was unexpected. Is that a characteristic of anime or just how you feel about the world in general?

    Mrs Di.
    HS Tech Integrator in NH

  3. Hi Beelia!

    I LOVED the slide you created for the Avatar Challenge. The bright and colorful background immediately caught my attention. It’s helpful that you like the colors yellow and black for your “bee” theme, and there is definitely resembles your physical appearance. Nice work!
    Since I happen to know you personally, I can say that you are very much alive inside and filled with fascinating, insightful, and powerful thoughts. I’ve seen this for myself!
    As for your love of teddy bears, I also have to mention that you’ll never need to abandon that love. For example, when we dropped my oldest daughter off at college, both she and her roommate very proudly placed their favorite childhood stuffed animal on the pillows of their dorm beds. We noticed this trend in many of the rooms in that particular dorm.
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts for this Blogging Challenge!
    Mrs. Sheridan

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