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Atypical is a netflix original series that came out August 11th, 2017. Since then I have watched the two season they have twice over. If you enjoy a high school comedy with a plot to finding love, with the help of weird friends, then you will definitely enjoy this light hearted series.

Plot Summary

A Netflix original Atypical is a heartfelt comedy that follows the life of Sam, a teenage boy that is on the autism spectrum, who is decided he is ready for romance. In order for Sam to start dating he needs to be more independent, but also figure out how, and what the rules are. Sam becoming more independent, it leaves his mom finding her own life-changing path. She and the rest of Sams family, including a scrappy sister and a father looking to understand his son, explore new ways of what it means to be “normal”.


The story of Sam can sometime be a bit weird or awkward to watch sometimes, but is made up for with how big of a heart Sam has for other people even if he doesn’t realize it. It was really interesting to see how Sams brain worked and how he saw things. I personally loved the show as it was never boring and kept my attention throughout the whole 2 seasons.

I Rate This Series Two Large Popcorns!


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