~”The Santa Clause”~

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! That means its time to sit by the fire with hot cocoa, and a blanket while you watch a nice ol’ christmas movie. And I have the perfect movie just for you.

The Santa Clause is a perfect movie to watch around this time of year. Its a classic Christmas movie to watch with your family.

Without further adieu The Santa Clause is a comedy, sci-fi/fantasy. One good clause calls for another in this film in 1994. From the movie we learn that being Santa is not a job for eternity, but that, instead, there are various office holders, just like for country coroner or recorder of deeds. As the movie opens, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is a man who does not believe in Santa Claus. But suddenly looks up on the rooftop because of such a clatter, that Scott and his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), run into the yard to see what is the matter. And what to their wondering eyes should appear, but a great big sleigh and eight giant reindeer, up on the house.

And then, when Scott’s shout startles Santa, he loses his balance and is killed in a fall from the roof. After which Scott finds a card in his pocket notifying the bearer that he is the new Santa Claus. “The Santa Clause” (so named after the clause on Santa’s calling card that requires Scott to take over the job) Before Scott quite realizes what has happened, the old Santa has disappeared, and he is wearing the suit and going down the chimneys.

As the movie continues, Scott finds himself learning all the tricks of the Santa’s trade, including how to handle unfriendly dogs in strange living rooms. Certain symptoms start to also develop: He puts on weight, from all the milk and cookies people leave out for him, and he is able to grow a flowing beard in just a few days. And there are sly contemporary references, as when he suggests to one little girl that the milk put out for him tastes a little funny, she explains it’s soy milk – because on last year’s visit he complained of lactose intolerance.

This movie was a good Christmas movie to watch with the whole family. I think it kept my attention, and kept a smile on everyone’s face due to the comedy of the film. I give it a large popcorn!

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