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The Storm

This is not a poem. I know that I’ve been poeting (is that a word?) a lot, but that was mostly because I had to work on a poetry project for school and I wanted to share some of the poems with you because I haven’t been posting very often (sorry). But the project is over now, so this is not a poem! Anyway, that’s just that story. The actual story for this post is the storm. So I needed to run to the circle and blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah. Just kidding! The real story is the thunderstorm that almost killed me. Well, not really, but here’s the story.


Once upon a time, I was at golf practice. In the sky, a thick layer of clouds was coming in. I know it was possible for rain, maybe even a thunderstorm, but nothing that bad. So anyway, golf practice was starting and we were putting. I was getting to putt pretty well, and I almost made it in from about 5-10 meters when the alarm to get off the course went off. That means that there’s a high chance of lightning, and it’s too dangerous to swing a metal club into the sky. Coach said to keep practicing until he saw lightning, but shortly thereafter (wow, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before!) the National Tornado Siren (or whatever it’s called) went off, and we really had to get off the green (where we were putting, if you’re a golfing newbie or you have never played before). I was with my grandfather because my dad was away at work in another state (lucky!), and he said that the traffic was too bad and we would get stuck in the storm if we left. So we went to the restaurant they had there and I ordered a soda. We waited for the storm to come, and meanwhile, the TVs were glitching out (connection issues most likely) and I was sipping a Cherry Pepsi. Me and my grandfather were talking about stuff like, “Do you want to order anything, (Derpus)?” and, “Why haven’t you been blogging recently?” (Sorry…) Eventually I decided to order some nachos. Why not? By then, the rain was pouring down and the tornado warning had gone off a few times. I had looked out the window before the rain came and the clouds looked like a cracked pipe with tiny drops of water coming out that you can’t seem to see. When I got my nachos, I saw that there were tomatoes all over them. I hate tomatoes. I picked the tomatoes off of the nachos I ate, but sometimes there was still some tomato juice on them, and it ruined the delicious taste of salt, sour cream, and other stuff. Once. I ate the nachos, the story got really long. Just kidding, the story is pretty long though. So when I finished, I wanted to go home. It was getting pretty late, past 6:30, so I got my umbrella and asked my grandfather to go. He insisted that we leave later when the wind slows down and we won’t get I ended up waiting for about 25 minutes and then the wind finally slowed and the rain wasn’t pouring as hard. Oh, by the way, I think the tornado did touch down and pretty near where I live, but it didn’t get close to the golf place I was at. Anyway, me and my grandfather left the building and rushed to the car. We got inside without getting too wet and we drove home and there was almost no traffic (I knew it!). We got home and we went happily ever after. Except I was planning to do something, but that never happened (actually, it did the next day). That wasn’t so happy. More like disappointment ever after. I’m making a big deal out of this when I shouldn’t, so I’m just going to leave this video, ahem, I mean post here for today. Thanks for watching, ahem, I mean reading and see you layer! I mean, later! Wow, I sure am tired after this week…

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