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What Exactly is Quiet Anyway?

It is what I should get but never have
It is when people decide not to be amplifiers for their own voice
It is when your eardrums don’t blow up

It is made out of positivity
It is the best time to think
It is like reading, it is very peaceful
It is like sitting and doing nothing, your mind gets lost in the void.

It is the sound… of nothing
It is when nobody is talking
It is the opposite of loud
It is not screaming your lungs off
It is also when your sister isn’t home
But most of all, it is when you are alone at home
And you’re playing Fortnite
With the volume all the way down
And who knows why?

3 thoughts on “What Exactly is Quiet Anyway?

  1. I hope you include this in your poetry portfolio! I love this!!! This question (the title) is so interesting. You’ve sparked an idea for me to write about too! YAY!!!

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