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Da Majical Candy

They’re the best to eat
Why, they are one of the greatest treats
They will make you want to smell Unicorn feet
For the heck of a treat will overcome any defeat
Finding one of them will be the greatest feat
Even dogs will start chasing this instead of meat

Ice cream could never replace this in the least bit
Not sugar cubes, chocolate, or even a make a cake kit
Even the most depressed get out of their fit
It also gets rid of a zit!

This is the stuff of legends
The flavor will burst in your mouth in a matter of seconds
Just eat it, there is no reason to beckon
You will taste the flavor in just a millisecond

If you are hungry, just get it today
So you don’t have to eat a bunch of hay
If you want it, you just have to say
And then, you will have a very good day

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