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The Scariest Day in April

BOO! Ha, gotcha. Be scared, ‘cause it’s Friday the 13th! Do you know the scariest part of Friday the 13th is? The fact that the Fortnite servers were down yesterday (or so I heard)! Also, did you know that we are all going to die on the 18th (at least that is what everybody has been saying)? But another thing that was scary is that I dropped my trumpet’s mouthpiece today! Wait, have I ever even told you that I play the trumpet? Oh, well I do. So keep that in mind. Oh, and one more scary thing, we had a fire drill today. Ummmmmmm….. also, me and my whole English class were asked to ,@$$#&#*&$;$*(&#**(+$&*(&$*/-*&-*)(**&/&/. Oops, I mean -*$#&$(*:(*.+=-&%+&(),$*. I MEAN, work on her blog because she hasn’t posted anything since JANUARY, which means that I have been posting more often than an AUTHOR. Oh yeah, the person that asked my teacher was an author, by the way. But you know I’m a reliable blogger if I blog more often than an AUTHOR. But see you later, unless you get eaten by GHOSTS!!! Wooooooooooo…………

4 thoughts on “The Scariest Day in April

  1. I wonder what happened to someone at 3:00. (:< But are we realy going to die on the 18th? (I am kind of scared) And if you post more than an author, then you are pretty good at not running out of content.

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