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Arizona is Great!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging, but I am just too busy to be able to have time to blog. With vacation and school and stuff, I never ever ever get time to do much (not even Terraria!), so there isn’t much chance of having time to blog. Anyway, the topic of the day, my vacation! So, for the first day, we went on a plane (duh). I went to bed at, like, 10:00 western time, or 1:00 eastern time! (BTW, I am blogging in a restaurant, and my mom would never let me have my iPad in a restaurant, but she wants me to blog, so I am) The next day, I did literally nothing but sit in a chair and play video games, hang out with my grandparents, and pet their dogs. The next day was kind of the same, except we did a little more (like go outside and eat frozen yogurt), but it was still the same pretty much. The next day, we left the grandparents and went on a vacation during vacation to Flagstaff, Arizona and we checked in to our rental house. By brother and my sister had a fight over a room that had one bed that was 1.5 Times the size of the bed I have, and it was a private room also. I think that it is unfair that my little sister gets the private room instead of my older brother. I have to sleep in a room with twin beds, one for me, one for my brother. The next day we went to the Grand Canyon and it was AMAZING. I don’t know what else to say other than amazing.

The next day we went to a zoo called Bearizona. I saw Sea Otters up close! I saw Sea Otters during my Summer trip to California, but I never got to see them up close! The only thing the Otters did, though, was dance around in the water like they were showing off to us.

Then today we went to Petrified Forest National Park,

the Painted Desert,

and Meteor Crater which is a crater made by a meteor, of course.

Now I am at this restaurant and I am going to eat a Sausage Pizza. That is pretty much it so far, and thank you for reading!


p.s. These are all pictures my family took, they have not been taken off the internet.

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