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My Spring Break Trip to the Grand Canyon (and my grandparents house)

Exactly a week from now, I am going on a plane to a very hot place in the U.S.A. You probably know where because you read the title like a normal person would do, but if you are absolutely insane and didn’t read the title, then you don’t know that I am going to Arizona in a week (sorry if you didn’t read the title and you aren’t insane). They have two dogs, 1 is cute (well, cuter than the other, in my opinion), and the other is crazy. She likes to jump on me when I am sitting on my grandparents’ comfy couch and lick my face until I laugh so hard that I fall on the floor. Then she would lick me more, or go and lick my sister. This will be about the 5th time I go to their house, 3rd time since the crazy dog was adopted. She is probably used to me being there by now. The Grand Canyon, though, I have never been there before. I expect it to be so high up that my jaw will fall all the way down to the bottom of it (that is if I somehow turn everything in a 5 meter radius into my jaw so it can reach the bottom of the canyon without running out of matter or something). So, I don’t know what to expect when I go there (except for a bunch of dog drool on my face), but I will tell you when I am there.


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