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Movies in Science

I am typing this post while waiting for a movie I made in Microsoft Movie Maker to download. It is at 90%. I know you are thinking,
“Why is he making a movie in science?”, well, it is because I am a storm chaser now. Well, make believe storm chaser. It’s almost done. Ok. 3, 2, 1! DONE! Finally! It’s been pretty much 10 minutes and it’s FINALLY DONE! Anyway, so the reason I am making a movie is because we are doing a weather project for a grade, and me and my partner have to make a weather news show thing where we predict the weather and stuff. I was the storm chaser, so I told the viewers about the tornadoes and hurricanes (that don’t exist. Just saying.) and how they formed and stuff like that. Then my plane ran out of fuel and I crashed into water below a hurricane. Yay. We are going to upload the movie onto a green screen app, then move it to IMovie and edit it then we are going to turn it in. Yeah, it’s a pretty long process. That is really all I have to say because I need to finish my class work before class is over. Bye!

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