Step one:

So you are a blogger and you want to get a lot of comments. The first thing you want to do is pick the most controversial topic you could possibly ever think of. Try to induce debating and lots of comments a successful blog post is half writing and half picking the best topic. How will you have a successful blog post if you don’t have a topic so thought inducing that it will get millions of comments.


Step 2: Now that I have shown you how to get your topic and title I will now show you struggling bloggers how to become blogging legends by creating beautiful sentences and posts. If you want to induce debates in the comments section CAPS LOCK your most profound arguments, bold and underline it too. If you want to write something very sad, italicize it and turn it into a sad color. You need to write it with as much emotion as possible. That will get you more comments than you would get if you wrote it without emotion. Another thing you might want to focus on is humor and making your reader laugh as that is sure to get you some positive comments.


Step three:


Now that you have written your beautiful blog post. You have to increase it’s publicity! The best way to do that is to go on some very famous bogs and comment, telling everybody about your blog and your blog post. You should always send the link to your blog.( Ctrl+K) It may redefine your moral boundaries but you must be diligent to create the best blog post in the world and the most famous one. You now know how to become a successful blogger. Now go on, my padawan and create a blogging name for yourself. Goodbye.

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