I really hate rhyming poems

When someone rhymes I want to throw em

There is no room for description

It makes reading them seem like decryption


A poem should arouse your emotions

Not talk about lotion with devotion

A poem restricts your choice of words

Makes the description seem quite blurred


Name one famous poem that rhymes

That choice of verse is a crime

Some of the greatest poets don’t do it

When you fail to rhyme, it may cause a fit


The art of rhyme is a terrible thing

It even may cause some severe puking

A real poem should never rhyme

At least everyone’s except mine.

2 thoughts on “I don’t like rhyming poems”

  1. 100% agreed, if you look at it the majority of poets that I read are free verse. There are others but I think Dr. Suess came and told everyone that he is too good at rhyming so nobody should even try anymore. (I think)

  2. Please continue blogging. I love your posts and want you to continue.

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