When I was in fourth grade I was struck by a sudden inspiration to write a poem, I tried writing a rhyming poem but it didn’t work out, so I wrote this free verse poem about the eagle:

With a great wave of its feathery wings,

The eagle flies off with its talons outward and wings spread out,

He searches the ocean his eyes scanning for things to eat.

His sharp eyes spot a young poor fish,

And he dives down with his giant wings.

He flies so fast he can’t be seen,

He reaches the fish and eats him flying.

He hasn’t satisfied his hunger yet so he scans the ocean once more.

His eyes darting back and forth,

To search for another snack to eat.

The fish were now scared to go to the top of the water.

The feathered creature flies again over the tall trees of the forest,

His great appendages beating occasionally                                                                        

To get to his next destination, the open plains.

He silently beats his wings and suddenly dives,

He sees a rabbit hole and accelerates.

The rabbit surprised looks in the air to see the last thing it will ever see

A giant eagle…

3 thoughts on “A poem from a long time ago:”

  1. My only concern is that the line
    “The rabbit surprised lookes in the air to see the last thing it will ever see
    A giant eagle…”
    Other that that, impressive for a fourth grader!

  2. I think it’s a beautiful poem. I prefer free verse to rhyming poetry anyway. My favorite thing about this poem is the way it ends. It’s powerful and scary and so real!

  3. When my mom read the last line she actually made me look up whether eagles could eat rabbits. I have to agree, it is a very scary thought.

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