I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now but I got sidetracked whenever I thought about it. First my computer battery died during Virginia beach, and then when I got back I took a break from blogging because I finished the blogging challenge. Now let me tell you the big news. I got a shoutout!That’s super cool! The person who gave me one was Henry from the blog of all blogs! He gave me a shoutout on commenting on a lot of his blog posts. I will say that I do comment on a lot of blogs and I also comment a lot on his blog. Still it’s pretty cool that I got a shoutout from Henry so go check out his blog as well! This was the post where he gave me the shout out: The shoutout blog.

One thought on “I got a shoutout!”

  1. Now I got a shoutout too! You are the only person who comments on it so I had to.

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