Today is actually my last full day in my virginia beach trip. Now you may be thinking, “His last day? Does that mean he only spent two days on his trip? How lame.” I can assure you that this is not the case. We got here on Thursday but I had already posted and was pretty tired so I didn’t post that day. You might have also noticed that I said today was my last full day at Virginia beach. I’ll be there for tomorrow morning. So if you fully do the math we’ll actually be here for three days. I understand that it isn’t much better but hey, it’s a start. Anyway, on to my “last” day at Virginia Beach.

We started today like we did yesterday. A very late breakfast. Since today was in the weekend, the breakfast place was open for half an hour longer but we still couldn’t make ourselves get up. It closed at ten and we went at 9:30. The good thing was that all of us had already showered and done everything so that we wouldn’t have to go back to our room for the entire day. Knowing this we brought our jackets in case we went outside. It turns out that was a very smart move. When we finished our breakfast we went outside to the boardwalk. We just walked around for a while until we came across this bike rental shop. It had these interesting double bikes which housed three people. It was like a mini car. One person would ride in the middle while the person on the left would push the pedals and steer and another would help the main driver with the steering. We were very intrigued so we rented the mini car for three hours. My dad sat in the main driver’s seat since he had the most experience driving and he was also the strongest out of us three. My mom and I switched between riding and giving more power with pedaling. I did try driving a few times. ( Though they mostly ended with the carriage veering off of the boardwalk and crashing into some bushes.) Some of the more notable things we saw on our trip around the boardwalk were firstly a horse riding tour, we got off our carriage to check whether they were open at all for the day, but they told us they were fully booked. Constantly throughout our carriage ride we saw many riders on horses riding along the beach. Another thing we saw was the amazing neptune statue showing the roman god, neptune in all of his glory. The statue was huge! Probably around thirty feet tall, but each inch was carved with so much detail that it really looked like Neptune had come to life. If anyone visits the Virginia beach boardwalk I would completely recommend it! After we returned our carriage to the dealership it was around 2:00 We got a coupon for Ben and Jerry’s we didn’t have any plans for later in the day so we just went there. I got a cookies n cream ice cream and my parents got a large banana flavored ice cream. After eating ice cream we went to the boardwalk which was pretty far away from Ben and Jerry’s so when I got there we were all pretty hungry so we ended up going to eat lunch. Less than an hour after we ate ice cream! Anyways, after eating lunch we went the the pier and just sat there, admiring the beautiful clash of the ocean and beach. After watching the ocean for a while we began heading back to our hotel which we now realized was even farther away from the pier than the Ben and Jerry’s. We slowly made our way across the pier until we could see it the 20 floor building. Our hotel when we got to our room, my mom just collapsed and I couldn’t blame her. We probably walked two and a half miles without any break and for a kid like me that’s fine but it was probably the longest exercises my mom’s had in awhile. We just relaxed for a pretty long time  until we apparently got hungry again. It was 6:30 by now as we walked to the parking garage our car was in. We went to another restaurant where we ate a lot of the seafood we did yesterday and earlier today. Many of the restaurants in the boardwalk serve the same food but have a completely different atmosphere. Even if all of the restaurants had the same food they were completely different. After eating we came back to our hotel room when I began writing this blog post, but then my parents and I went to see the full moon reflect on the ocean. It was truly beautiful. We tried taking pictures of it, but even our expensive camera couldn’t do any justice to just the pure magnificence of something like that. It ended my “Last” day at Virginia beach with a truly wonderful night’s sky.

EDIT: I just now realize that this was the last day of March and therefore the challenge. How symbolic, the last day of the challenge and the “Last” day of my wonderful Virginia Beach vacation.

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  1. I’m impressed with your blog and your commenting! Congratulations!

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