Today was the first day of my trip to Virginia beach. It was a pretty relaxed day but it still had a lot of fun packed into it. Since we got there at 11:00 and probably slept at near midnight, we got up for the day at nearly 8:00 which is pretty late for a family that usually wakes up at 6:00 to 7:00 even without an alarm clock. We realized that the breakfast buffet was closing soon, so it would be advisable to get ready and head down. Long story short: we did just that. Once we got down we were overwhelmed by the amount of food there and the length of the lines. People claimed they were waiting in that line for five minutes. Not wanting to spend even more time waiting, we quickly secured a spot in the buffet line. Once we got to the food, my parents simply couldn’t resist all of the food lying down in front of them. Whereas I, eating a ton last night, was completely full. When we sat down to eat. I saw that while I had a plate full of food my parents brought five. They took so much it took them all the way to 9:30. After eating to our hearts content (and probably way past our stomachs’ consent) we went back to our room to get ready to go to the aquarium. Me and my dad took no time at all to get ready, but it took my mom half an hour alone to get showered and then she had to get ready. Needless to say the time we left to go the aquarium, it was already 12:00. It was actually raining as we went to our car. This was the reason we wanted to go the aquarium. When it’s raining at the beach there isn’t really much to do except go to the aquarium. When we got there, it looked like every single person within a five mile radius of Virginia beach had the same idea, The line was so long it left the building. (What is it with Virginia Beach and lines)

We slowly made our way in by the time we got there it was already 1:00 and one of the biggest attractions was a movie about wildlife. We decided to take the 3:00 movie and take a 2 hr tour of the actual aquarium. FACT: Two hours was not nearly enough time to view the aquarium if you have a family that is REMOTELY interested in animals and science. We were blissfully wandering the aquarium until we realized it was 2:30 and we had to go to the theater quickly. We got to the movie just in time. It was a movie about the galapagos islands in 3D. It was a good movie with a lot of cool instances showing the animals right in front of you with the 3D glasses. After the movie we went back to the aquarium to finish our viewing of all of the marine life. When we exited the aquarium it was well past five so we went back to our hotel which by the way was the hyatt regency hotel. We spent some time sitting in our deck outside of our room with a nice ocean view. After a while we left to go to a restaurant called chix grill. There was  twenty minute wait time, but the food was great. We ate a lot and came back to our hotel room where I am blogging right now!

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