If you have read some of my previous blog posts you will know that I messed up one time in the blogging challenge when I tried to schedule a post and it didn’t post. Well that happened again. Yesterday’s post didn’t post for some reason and I now realize that something’s wrong with my scheduling. So I went deep within the customization of the blog settings and I realized my time zone was in Hong Kong. So whenever I posted something it would post on Hong Kong time, and if the time on Hong Kong had already passed I was out of luck. I changed it to our local NY timezone so I now know that I will be able to safely schedule blog posts. Anyway, this was my blog post from yesterday.

Today we had a couple inches of snow, probably not enough for school to be out for the rest of the week but enough to probably get us through Thursday. At the end of the day yesterday a lot of forecasts were apparently saying that we would only get 1-3 inches of snow so kids were betting whether we would have a snow day. I personally know a lot of kids who had bet 20 dollars or more, now if they will actually follow through with their deal, I have no idea. I wasn’t really sure what to do as I really had nothing to do at home and it was still snowing outside so I just chilled and played some Hearthstone and blogged on my computer.



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