My favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I am a big LeBron James fan.

My favorite player in the NBA is Kawhi Leonard because he gives a lot of effort on the court especially on defense and he not like the other players and is very quiet.

A couple other of my favorite teams are the Washington Wizards (My home team), the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City thunder, and the Los Angelos Lakers (because of Lonzo).

My favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks.

I like Russell Wilson and his playmaking ability. I also like the defense and team (when half the team isn’t hurt).

I think Russell Wilson should have won MVP and the Seahawks should have made the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors are my biggest enemy because I like the Cavs and because Kevin Durant is on the team. I respect Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and their amazing shooting ability but not against some of my favorite teams.

I also despise the New England Patriots because they have cheated in the past. They deflated footballs in one game because Tom Brady likes throwing the deflated ones better and they tried to figure out the plays that the other teams were running. I respect almost everyone on their team except for Malcolm Butler. I respect Tom Brady and his ability but I still despise him.