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  • Breakout Game!

    Today during my History class we went to the library to play a game. We were learning about why the American colonists won the Revolutionary War. Today we learned about the Culver Spy group that Washington used to gather battle strategies and information on the British. They started in about 1776 and they were finally […]

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  • Fire Drill

    Today we had a fire drill. Fire drills are annoying in the first place but I understand why we do it. Obviously we had to do it during P.E. when it was our first day back from Health class. We were playing badminton and it was kind of fun with my teammates. We also played […]

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  • March Madness!

    The bracket is set and all 68 teams are ready to go! I already did my bracket and chose random teams that I thought were good. I will do another if people comment their suggestions to me. The winner that I picked is UVA. I am not good at college sports because I don’t watch […]

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  • The Walkout

    Today was a memorable day. Today we honored the families’ of the kids that died in Parkland, Florida because of a mass shooting. The event took place one month ago on Valentine’s Day. Even though Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day of love it was not for many families. Today at exactly 10:00 […]

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  • Cavaliers vs Suns

    Today the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the Phoenix Suns. The Cavaliers are on a 2 game losing streak and they need to win. They lost to the Lakers last game and that is not good. The Suns are one of the worst teams in the league. They do have one of the best young stars […]

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  • Black Panther!

    Over the weekend I watched Black Panther with my best friend. It was an amazing movie with suspense. There was a lot of fighting in it and a lot of action. The tech that they had was out of this world. The fact that they have this special blue line in the lips to tell […]

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  • Richard Sherman goes to the 49ers!

    Richard Sherman went from the Seattle Seahawks to the divisional rival the San Francisco 49ers. Before the Rams made their trades, the 49ers made their moves, and the Cardinals getting David Johnson back, I knew that the NFC West was going to be a very competitive division. Now that the Seahawks defense is torn apart […]