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  • Cavaliers Beat the Wizards!

    Yesterday there was a basketball game. It was really intense. It was between the Cavs and the Wizards. The Cavs did great on offense.   This was a rematch. The Wizards won last time. They upset the Cavaliers. But they were in their prime.   This time the result was different. It came down to […]

  • Poetry Challenge
  • Cavs vs Wizards

    Today there is a basketball game. I wonder if it it will be the same. The Cavaliers and Wizards are facing off. This a game that might decide the playoffs.   It will be a tight one. Let’s see who does better in the long run. I hope the Cavaliers win. If they do I’ll […]

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  • New Challenge!

    1 Today I am starting a new challenge! I am starting the 30 poems in 30 days in April. I don’t think I can do everyday since today is already April 3rd. I will still get 30 poems in April. Today I will write a poem later. This is just to explain about the challenge. […]

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  • 5 Day Countdown!

    Today marks the 1st day of the 5 day countdown. The countdown to what you probably asked. The countdown to one of the┬ámost important day in the year. It marks the 5 day countdown till my birthday. I am going to be turning 12. The bummer about this is that spring break ends on April […]

  • My Life
  • Toys R Us ……Closing!

    I reacted very sadly when this news came to my ears. Toys R Us is bankrupt and is going out of business. There is a lot of reasons that they are closing but it is truly very sad. I personally dislike shopping. I am not saying shopping is bad but it is very boring to […]