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  • How Did This Happen?

    How did this happen? The Cavs lost to the Pacers. This is surprising.   The Pacers played well. Victor Oladipo scored. He played very well.   They scored more than them. He put up thirty-two points. They lead the series.   The Cavs need to win. Game 2 is played on Wednesday. They have to […]

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  • Cavaliers Beat the Wizards!

    Yesterday there was a basketball game. It was really intense. It was between the Cavs and the Wizards. The Cavs did great on offense.   This was a rematch. The Wizards won last time. They upset the Cavaliers. But they were in their prime.   This time the result was different. It came down to […]

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  • Cavs vs Wizards

    Today there is a basketball game. I wonder if it it will be the same. The Cavaliers and Wizards are facing off. This a game that might decide the playoffs.   It will be a tight one. Let’s see who does better in the long run. I hope the Cavaliers win. If they do I’ll […]

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  • NBA Showdown!

    Today if you have nothing to do NBA games are on. These aren’t just boring games these games are exciting for the most part. Today there are 10 games. The 7:00 games are the Indiana Pacers vs the Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets vs Washington Wizards. In the 1st game the Pacers are […]