20% Project

My team and I are starting a 20% project. Our names are Satvik, Aryaman, and Jayden. A 20% project is a project in which someone or a team gets allotted 20% of their paid work time or their regular school time to pursue a passion project. Our 20% project revolves around the quote “People learn something new every day”. We are testing this quote to see if people learn something new that often. We are going to post as often as we can about the new fact or theme we learned in the previous days or that day. We don’t want to make it too easy as learning a random fact in school because all three of us go to school. Our facts are going to be things that most people wouldn’t know off the top of their heads. What we learned could be a theme that would apply to our lives. We will start posting our new knowledge on March ninth so it will be a fresh start to our new project.

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