Supply Drops, Llamas, and Vending Machines!

This post will not be in poem form and will not count towards the poetry challenge. In Fortnite there is a lot of ways to get loot. You might open chests and pick up that loot, pick up loot from someone you or another person killed, or just find it on the ground. Some of the best ways to get loot  are supply drops. Supply drops come 2 at a time and are pretty much chests but automatically contain a legendary weapon and has 2 consumables instead of one. Whenever I see one of these I usually just go try to grab or stay near where it is dropping to kill and unexpected person. You could C-4 any of these things but I would advise to keep them in a hidden place that is not on the actual thing itself. Llamas are pretty cool things. They give 500 of each material(Wood, Stone, and Metal) 10 stacks of each ammo type. Some people think that this means you get 10 light bullets or 10 shells but it isn’t like that. Whenever you pick up some shells on the ground you get 5 shells but 10 stacks means you get 50 shells. You don’t get guns in Llamas but I think materials and consumables are sometimes overlooked and this can definitely boost your materials for vending machines. The best thing you can get is probably a Chug Jug which is a legendary consumable that automatically brings your health and shield to 100.

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