The best game to play.

If I had time I could play all day.

I could play it for hours.

I will hopefully conquer Tilted Towers.



I go to Greasy Grove all the time.

I think I am always committing a crime.

Breaking people’s houses, and their cars too.

I have no time for apologizing as I have way more things to do.



I always find the chests.

The loot I get is not really the best.

I open up the ammo crates.

Sometimes share them with teammates.



Playing squads or duos is always fun.

It is even better when we get the job done.

Playing with my friends is the best.

We always land in the west.



I always look for the scars.

The places I find them are sometimes bizzare.

I have never found a Guided Missile.

I always try to build my base on a big hill.



You always have to get creative when you are building some cover.

I will always build them when I have to recover.

One by ones are pretty nice.

Building a mega base means some of your materials will have to sacrifice.



Dance moves and emotes are how you celebrate.

Sometimes they can lead to a checkmate.

Expressing yourself is always cool.

If you use too much you will look like a fool.



Earning skins are so satisfying.

Some of them are horrifying.

Buying skins cost a lot.

You will like this skin because it was bought.



Supply drops and Llamas are the way to go.

When you get something legendary it will glow.

Vending machines can be useful.

You walk up to them and see what you can pull.



Getting wins is what you want.

If you get 2nd the memory will come back to haunt.

Last person standing wins the game.

You can brag about it and get lot of fame.




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  1. Spooder Pig says: Reply

    You make good poems, how do write such long poems?

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