New Looking Garage!

Our garage is so messy! As you can see in the pictures above our garage is not the cleanest place in the world. It is super messy. Our flooring is all messed up and the car leaks oil and ruins it and there is trash everywhere. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen our garage so clean. It was way messier before we started cleaning it up. There were boxes everywhere. Food, trash, and other stuff you don’t want to know about. Fast forward about a week and look below. Those are the after pictures of our now beautiful garage. We got the flooring in a design. Colors are everywhere and things are kind of organized. Our shelves are still kind of a mess but it is still better than before. Definitely an upgrade. It makes coming home walking from the bus stop a lot more cleaner and pleasant to look at.

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  1. Spooder Pig says: Reply

    You are a good cleaner, I moved into my new house almost 10 months ago and we still haven’t cleaned our garage!

    1. Thank You!

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