My First Victory Royale!

I am so happy! I got my 1st Victory Royale in Fortnite! Okay, I only have one win but it still is one win. I beat 99 other people for this win. This win came in the special mode Blitz. I like Blitz because it gives a lot of good loot. I landed in Greasy Grove and I had it all to myself as no one else landed here. I was pretty lucky with the rings as I usually didn’t have to run that much but I got barely enough time to loot all of Greasy Grove. On my way to a ring I found a supply drop and I got a legendary scar! I was very happy. When there were just 3 people left I started firing my scar at a person but another person was also there and he stole my kill. I was in a pretty big base and the other person left was running for cover. I thought he was good because he had the Black Knight skin but I was wrong and he didn’t build and I won!

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  1. ANSHU says: Reply

    Let’s go Satvik, and how have you not gotten a win yet.

    1. I didn’t have the game until I got it on mobile sometime in the middle of March.

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