Cavaliers beat the Raptors

Cavaliers beating the Raptors.

I must be in my dreams.

Did this day happen?

It happened it seems.


They were down by a lot.

I had no hope.

Then they came back.

It was so dope.


They marched on.

King James leading them all.

They conquered the Raptors.

He was great with the ball.


The Raptors are the 1st seed.

It didn’t matter.

The Cavaliers did their thing.

They crushed them into batter.


They got Kevin Love back.

He was great.

He scored 23 points.

I guess it was just his fate.


The Cavaliers won the game.

They came on top by three.

I looked at the scoreboard.

I jumped up in glee.

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  1. Jafar says: Reply

    I really liked how you took a NBA game and turned it into something completely different and your creativity.

    1. Thank You! I decided to try a poem for a change instead of boring text!

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