Cavaliers vs Bucks

Today the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the Milwaukee Bucks. On Saturday the Cavaliers beat the Chicago Bulls and got their 40th win instead of their 30th loss. That was a relief for the Cavaliers as they won. The Raptors lost to the Thunder and the Celtics lost to the Pelicans, the Pacers also lost but they lost to the Wizards who are also chasing the Cavaliers. The Bucks are in the 7th seed so they are just hanging on. The Wizards and the Pacers are just one loss behind the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are 40-29 and the Wizards and the Pacers are 40-30 so it is really tight. Right now the Cavaliers need to win to keep their 3rd seed hopes alive. The scenarios for today are as follows. If the Cavaliers win then they keep their 3rd seed. If the Cavaliers lose and the Pacers win then the Cavaliers will fall to 40-30 and the Pacers will be 41-30 so the Pacers will have the 3rd seed and I don’t really know if the Wizards have the tiebreaker over the Cavaliers or if they have it so they will either get the 4th seed or possibly the 5th seed. If the Cavaliers win and the Pacers win the standings will remain the same. If the Cavaliers win and the Pacers lose then the Cavaliers will have the 3rd seed, the Wizards will have the 4th seed, and the Pacers will have the 5th seed. If the Cavaliers and the Pacers lose then the Pacers will have the 5th seed and whatever the tiebreaker is between the Cavaliers and the Wizards that will determine the 3rd and 4th seeds. A lot of things can happen tonight so we shall have to wait and see. If you are not a fan of the Eastern Conference there is also a big game between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Usually the Warriors have the edge over everyone and an even more edge over the Spurs who have lost Kawhi Leonard. But the Warriors have injuries. They have a big 4 in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. Curry, Klay, and Durant are not going to be playing in this game. The Spurs need this win to progress in the Western Conference. I hope you guys are excited for these games!

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