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  • 5 Day Countdown!

    Today marks the 1st day of the 5 day countdown. The countdown to what you probably asked. The countdown to one of the most important day in the year. It marks the 5 day countdown till my birthday. I am going to be turning 12. The bummer about this is that spring break ends on April […]

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  • Toys R Us ……Closing!

    I reacted very sadly when this news came to my ears. Toys R Us is bankrupt and is going out of business. There is a lot of reasons that they are closing but it is truly very sad. I personally dislike shopping. I am not saying shopping is bad but it is very boring to […]

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  • Ice Cream.

    Ice cream is so tasty. Everyone might get hasty. When they are around it. They love Banana Split.   Ice cream is so delicious. I wish it was nutritious. I would eat it every day. I would shout “Hooray.”   Ice cream has a variety. It could bring together a society. It has many flavors. […]

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  • I Made My Mom Breakfast.

    This morning I made my mom breakfast. I made my mom an omelette and put it in a croissant. I also put some grapes and made her coffee. My dad helped me as I didn’t really know how to make it but I finished it in the end. I put it all in a tray […]

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  • NBA Showdown!

    Today if you have nothing to do NBA games are on. These aren’t just boring games these games are exciting for the most part. Today there are 10 games. The 7:00 games are the Indiana Pacers vs the Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets vs Washington Wizards. In the 1st game the Pacers are […]