May 3

I sleep in weird places

This morning Jackie was being mean to me so I just hopped up onto the bench in our room and slept there. When Porter came into feed us he didn’t see me on the bench then I barked at him. Then I jumped down to get my food. After I ate I hopped back up onto the bench and started to sleep. I still heard Jackie shoveling down her food because she is a food addict. I eat really slow but jackie is lean mean eating machine. Sometimes I have to run from Jackie because she looks like she is going to eat me.

April 27

I’m crazy again

looks like I’m back to being crazy. I’m just not completely healed. i’m not allowed to jump on or off the couch i have to be picked up and I can’t go up the stairs. I also get to be picked up for that. I’m being spoiled so much I might forget how to eat by myself. When I got out the crate I was running around the house change Ellie. We haven’t seen each other in a few days. She still weirded out by me being gone for a few days.

April 26

I’m hurt

Today when I was chasing Ellie around what happened was I started to jump up and down from the couches and when I got down and then ran up the stairs I hurt my back . what sucks is I’m not allowed to move around a lot for 2 weeks. I also have to eat these nasty pills but at least i get peanut butter with them. also whats nice is I get to lay in bed and get fed one piece of food at a time. I also get chicken which makes my breath really bad.

April 19

I’m so spoiled

I am very spoiled. When I want to do something I normally get it. This morning I wanted to go in the car on the way to the bus stop. Do you wanna know what i did? I just sat there and barked. And then I got what i wanted. On our way to the bus stop I put my head out the window while we we’re driving there. I starter to bark at the squirrels. So then they rolled the window up and I had to come back in. I just tried eating my moms shoes when we we’re waiting for the bus to come.

April 16

Fat and happy

Today I wanted food. So I went to beg for some. They made do tricks. I had to Shake my paw give them a high five and stand. It was torched it was so much exercise even though it only takes like 10 seconds. When they fed me i started chowing down on food. They told me to slow down so i just ignored them and ate faster. After i ate i went to the couch to lay down and sleep. I woke up in somebody’s lap. Upside down on my back. Then just went back so sleep because i am a very very very lazy dog.

April 13



What a weird thing

it’s not only me that has anger

when i fart and it lingers other people are also angry

its just a thing that i do just like i burp eat sleep fart

it’s just like art

there’s a reason but nobody ¬†knows what it is


April 13


OH MY GOD I JUST HEARD THE BALL BOUNCE! Oh no Ellie’s going for it! I need to take the ball for myself. Then I ran at Ellie’s shoved her out of the way and jumped at the ball and then i fell on my side and slid on the floor for a few seconds then ran to Ellie so i could shove it in her face and brag about me getting the ball. She started barking , growling, and whimpering at me. She was really mad so she started barking louder than i’ve ever heard her bark she is a demon.

April 10

I’m bored

I’m so so so bored. Jackie’s sleeping and the rest of the family is going out to dinner. I might just eat Jackie because they haven’t fed us dinner. probably because it’s only 6:30. What should I do? I think i’ll try to break into Josie’s makeup eat it all. It’s gonna be easy because she always leaves her stuff on the floor. Or I could go take a dump on the couch just like the good old days. I’ll try to get Jackie to help me because she’s desperate for food. Or anything to eat. So she’ll probably bust it open for me. I like having cupcake breath



April 8

This is the life

Aaahhhhhhh! Man do I love sleeping. Most my life is sleeping. Sleep, eat, fight, poop, and repeat. Some people say it’s a weird daily schedule. Ellie also does it. We don’t love playing fetch all of the time because we’re really lazy. What we do like is when the ball is rolled to us and we can just sit there and chew on it. Our 2nd favorite thing is getting to chew on bones. I love steeling Ellie’s bone and having it for myself. But when that happens i normally get in trouble. Last night I tried to steal Ellie’s bone. It didn’t end well for me I got in big trouble.

April 7


Oh my god! I just heard the doorbell ring i’m going to check it out. maybe they’re giving out free food. Wait I have to be a lean mean barking machine. Or just be the weird creepy funny looking dog that I am. I can also try to be super nice and then when they try to pet me I can just bit them and then they will run away because I’m very scary. But I am also very very very small. I could also just be very lazy and let jackie sit on them because she is the heaviest dog i’ve ever seen.