Poetry Friday

Being Brave Is…… 

Taking your first step on the staircase

Sometimes easy sometimes difficult

Something u don’t wanna do

Not the easiest thing to do

Being brave is brave

Believing in yourself

Having faith in everything you do Acting out of fear

Overcoming fear

Standing at the edge of a cliff

Stepping in to help out

Thinking in and out of the box


Riding the scary roller coaster

A new opportunity

Taking responsibility and taking the consequences with it

Being brave and being the bigger person



Haven’t ranted in awhile so here we go. When people say “Yay four day weekend” I understand but when people say ” No school at all!” And I’m just like no. We wouldn’t have many friends, We would have no common sense, And we all wouldn’t know 2+2! Like really people? I mean I get it we all need a break but that’s what winter break, spring break, holidays , and even summer is for! If there was no school in our lives we would be the dumbest generation yet. Most of us are pretty dumb but most of the time we’re actually smart but we all get caught up in the drama and the push to be popular. A lot of people I know like to do some pretty wacko things for attention and I just don’t get it. But if school wasn’t a thing what would we all be doing with our lives? We would be sitting at home doing nothing. Even over summer vacation I’m always like “Is it almost time for school” cause I’m so freaking board! Well class is starting so baii

I Strongly dislike poetry but..

Enjoy this found poem. I hope you all know how boring it was making this and how much I disliked poetry

School Is an adventure

School Is like onions and peaches I hate but but I also love it

School Is depression with a mix of rainbows

School can be a little much

School can be a pain in the neck

School is something I tend to enjoy very much

School Is something I look forward to everyday

School Is an accomplishment

School Is that extra step towards success


Friday Poetry yay…..

Poetry is a waste if time

Poetry is pointless like broken pencils

It’s just like reading fantasy which is something I dislike very much

Poetry is something I wish never existed

Poetry Is also like Jelly Beans Cause there disgusting

Poetry will definitely and will never be my specialty


Poetry is.. (according to Ms.Haseltine’s Class 1/2 B)

Poetry Is……..                     4/5/18


  1. A cup cake because it’s so sweet
  2. An escape
  3. cool/ lit
  4. Onions and peaches cause i can hate it and love it
  5. Random
  6. Nice
  7. The final door at the end of the hall of the soul
  8. Calming
  9. Like a song
  10. Rhythmic
  11. The opposite of joy
  12. A masterpeice
  13. It’s like a wall
  14. Like reading fantasy because I don’t like it
  15. FUN
  16. Not my specialty
  17. Filled with emotions
  18. Like a road sometimes it’s straight but sometimes you turn
  19. Mandala being destroyed (which is very satisfying)
  20. Like a blank canvas
  21. Like a novel (description uses is endless)
  22. Hard
  23. Taking risks with words
  24. Difficult
  25. relaxing

Back at it

new challenge: writing a poem everyday in the month of April. I’ve never been a big fan of poetry especially in 3rd and 4th grade. They gave us poems with boring topics. But I’m going to try out this challenge and see how it goes. Now I know what your thinking, really it’s April 3rd It’s too late to start. Well In my defense I just found out about this challenge like 5 minutes ago… literally so I’m going to start right when this blog post is done. But don’t go to those blogs yet cause I’m not done. This morning was chaos. I had to wake up earlier because my mom was downstairs with our new puppies and I had to get my sister up because she had a friend coming to walk with her to school. So I had to get ready within 10 minutes which I usually do if I have my outfit picked out the night before. So it took me 10 minutes then I had to take them outside and when I came in there she was my hyper- puppy loving sister. She’s obssesed which puppies. she hugs them picks them up and actually kisses them in the lips its kinda gross.  Anyways with her friend here now she was just so hyper so I had to get myself, and my sister ready while taking care of the dogs. But my mom came down 5 minutes later so it wasn’t a big deal. Well I’m way over word count. my word count is 100 and I have 263 words. so ta ta for now!


today’s the last day of blogging every day…. I will still be blogging a lot but not everyday. With the puppies (which are soooo cute) by the way… it would just be to busy. well I gotta go play with my puppies so byeee.

leaving today

today we are leaving the beach but tomorrow we are going to get our puppies! I’m so excited that i could just scream!! Right now we’re debating weather we’re leaving now or later. I think we’re leaving now. so I gotta go pack up but I will blog more later.


in my house we never have chocolate. but the one thing we do have is chocolate chips. me and my sister love chocolate so we’re always begging for chocolate chips. there so small and so good. My personal favorite is milk chocolate but semi sweet is good too. Now i have a question… what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?