Invisalign day? I Don’t Even Know Anymore

One thing I’ve learned about an Invisalign is when your getting through the week and your invisalign starts to become gross, if your at home rinse it but if your in public….. Hold your breath and put it in. Another thing I’ve learned is you definitely should never leave it at home. i did that once and when I got back my teeth had moved so my invisalign was tight again. One more thing I’ve learned is always have your case with you especially to school/public. One last thing is NEVER EVER leave your invisalign case in your desk during lunch.. I did once and long story short I almost threw it away. Just some Invisalign tips for the future!! 🙂

Invisalign day 4

🙁 Anything that you put In your mouth smells disgusting. I was washing out my Invisalign when I realized It wasn’t getting clean only the food was coming out. So I came out of the bathroom and my brother told me to smell It. Not my finest moment, It was disgusting. It smelled like stinky socks. I was so disgusted that I almost gagged, I had to force myself to put It back In and now when I have to put It In that’s all I think about. Now that I know that my Invisalign stinks now I’m wondering how my case smells. I haven’t smelt It yet and honestly, I’m scared to smell It If It’s even half as bad as my Invisalign I might gag for sure. I’m pretty sure that smell will come back and haunt me. I’ll be driving and It’ll just hit me out of memory that’s how bad it was.

Invisalign day two

This Is getting old… sleeping with It on made me a lot more used to It. But taking It out Is no picnic. You get spit everywhere and the case gets covered in either water from rinsing out the invisalign or spit from when you take It out. But taking It out and then back in!!! Last night I took It out for dinner then I put It back in. But then my mom said that If I finished math I could have Ice cream! So i took it back out after I was too lazy to put It back In so I went upstairs and I felt guilty for not having It In so I put It In then my mom was like lets go brush teeth so I took It back out brushed my teeth and put It back on. I was so annoyed that I finished my movie and put It In and went to bed… What a night.


Invisalign Is okay. At first it feels really weird but I’ve been told that after a week or so It feels better. Honestly I’d rather have an invisalign then braces my brother had braces and It looked like It sucked. Also I  can eat anything I would normally eat but with braces you can’t. I only have 18 months of invisalign and I cant wait til it’s over.