Invisalign day

So I’ve gone back and I read all my post about first getting an Invisalign, It’s honestly not that bad. First of all, maybe at first It’s that bad but definitely not now. Taking it in and out is The easiest thing ever, I pop it in and out while walking sometimes. Now you’re supposed to wear it at least 22 hours each day, now I take it out sometimes to eat a snack and I’ll leave it on a napkin or on my desk and It’ll sit there for a good 2 hours. As long as it is in for half of some of the day its fine. Just put it in before you go to sleep. I know it’ll probably be a little tight but in the morning it feels loose, at least for me it does. Having an Invisalign is so worth keeping it in, My teeth were so crooked and even having it for a mere 5 months 20 days and 10 hours, I’ve already seen a noticeable change in my teeth. All of this is obviously from a kids point of view who has to wear it for a minimum of 22 hours each day. but I know that it’s definitely worth it

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