Summer Activities

  • Messy Twister

Play Twister and put paint on the dots so when you put your hands and feet on the dots they get covered in paint! I recommend playing outside.

  • Paint-filled water balloons

Fill water balloons with paint and wear a white shirt. by the end, you’ll look like a human canvas!

  • Human Bowling

Get a waterslide and some inflatable pins, slide down the slide and try to knock all the pins down!

  • Slip and slide kickball

Get 4 water slides and put bases in between them. put slides in a diamond shape. play kickball as you usually would, but instead of running to the bases you can slide to the bases

  • Paint slip and slide

Cover a water slide in different colors of paint, wear white clothes and slide down!

  • Jumbo bubbles!

Fill a baby pool with water and soap, use a hula hoop as a bubble wand. Put the hula hoop in the pool and let the wind blow the jumbo bubbles

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