Poetry Friday…….

I’m So Tired… But Here’s a poem I managed to put together. Hope you enjoy this last found poem

A  Rainy Day Is…

  1. Soothing
  2. Cool
  3. Drenched
  4. Is not very good
  5. Triggers my allergies
  6. Is cheerfulness despised in gloominess
  7. Stinks
  8. Grumpy
  9. Makes me wanna sleep
  11. Your water bottle pops open and spills everywhere and makes you late
  12. Boring
  13. Horrible
  14. Wet
  15. Rude
  16. Not wet cause water is not wet
  17. Means limited possibilities
  18. Annoying
  19. Wonderful
  20. Inspiration
  21. Surprise


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