Haven’t ranted in awhile so here we go. When people say “Yay four day weekend” I understand but when people say ” No school at all!” And I’m just like no. We wouldn’t have many friends, We would have no common sense, And we all wouldn’t know 2+2! Like really people? I mean I get it we all need a break but that’s what winter break, spring break, holidays , and even summer is for! If there was no school in our lives we would be the dumbest generation yet. Most of us are pretty dumb but most of the time we’re actually smart but we all get caught up in the drama and the push to be popular. A lot of people I know like to do some pretty wacko things for attention and I just don’t get it. But if school wasn’t a thing what would we all be doing with our lives? We would be sitting at home doing nothing. Even over summer vacation I’m always like “Is it almost time for school” cause I’m so freaking board! Well class is starting so baii

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