So currently we’re not allowed to go to our lockers in between chorus and resource. Why? I don’t know but It’s really annoying because one time I forgot I had history homework and I was panicking because I knew I couldn’t go back to my locker. So when she gave us candy I said can I get my retainer case because you can’t eat with a retainer in so when I got to my locker I grabbed my history homework but still that was not worth the stress when after chorus you could swing by your locker and grab your Binder, It takes all of 30 seconds. now I get when people abuse this time in our locker rows alone but some kids don’t deserve this. Humans are not perfect we forget things and the fact we can’t go to our lockers Is kinda ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Lockers

  1. I like how you explained a lot about what you did to get to your locker. I also like how you gave a lot of details when you were writing.

  2. Hi Peyton,

    I enjoyed reading your rants about the difficulties of not being able to go to your locker when you need to, or not having enough time to get to your locker and the restroom between classes, or being detained by a teacher (and thus having even less time). You not only did a great job of explaining your frustrations, but you wrote with considerable voice. Brava!

    By the way, these were my son’s concerns during middle school, too. He used to sit by the door in every class to give him a few seconds more. Now he’s an assistant principal in a middle school. I wonder if he remembers this stress? (I’ll have to send him a link to your blog.)

    Keep writing!
    Jennifer Richard Jacobson

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