today’s the last day of blogging every day…. I will still be blogging a lot but not everyday. With the puppies (which are soooo cute) by the way… it would just be to busy. well I gotta go play with my puppies so byeee.

leaving today

today we are leaving the beach but tomorrow we are going to get our puppies! I’m so excited that i could just scream!! Right now we’re debating weather we’re leaving now or later. I think we’re leaving now. so I gotta go pack up but I will blog more later.


in my house we never have chocolate. but the one thing we do have is chocolate chips. me and my sister love chocolate so we’re always begging for chocolate chips. there so small and so good. My personal favorite is milk chocolate but semi sweet is good too. Now i have a question… what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?


Why is my room always such a mess. I chill its a mess. I pack It’s a mess. I clean ITS A MESS. Most of it though is just clothes. dirty or clean. I try to keep my room clean but it just never happends. before I left I had to clean my room and it was a pain in the neck. make my bed pick up clothes, give my sisters stuff back. and on top of it my sisters always like “CAN I HELP.” “WANNA PLAY” “LET”S PLAY ROBLOX” “CAN WE FACE TIME ONE OF YOU FRIEND” It’s so annoying but my sister is so sweet and I love her. <3

Dolphin pool floaty

six o’clock and I haven’t blogged today. That’s not good I thought I blogged for vacation but I guess not. This is going to be a short post so sorry in advanced.


I just bought a dolphin pool floaty for 10$ but luckily I only paid for half. i spent five and two other people spent 2 and 3. but since I bought most of it i get to take it home. So yea…. It’s a pretty big dolphin too it can fit about 1-6 people.

Peanuts Movie

Who doesn’t love the Peanuts Movie?!?! It’s one of my favorite movies (Lilo and stitch is still my all time favorite)  it’s so cute… especially snoopy and his true love. I don’t want to spoil it but its a super good movie and I would seriously recommend it.

Warmer Weather??

I want warmer weather soon. I’m so tired of wearing ugg boots, leggings,long sleeves and jackets. I just wanna wear shorts and a tank top and be barefooted. I also miss the pool. going off the diving board, doing handstands underwater. and sitting in the pool on a noodle. I miss it all, and right now we just had a snowstorm…. right before spring break which was awesome cause we had school off. but still I had pretty much given up on snow so this snow was a shocker. Another thing is the snow we got was snowman snow which is the best kind of snow so me and my friends got together and built a snowman. We named him Larry. He died by her little sister who decapitated him. Poor Larry

Road Trip essentials

Today for spring break I’m going on a road trip and I wanted to share the essentials i’m bringing.

  • First I’m bringing my I pad mini. I have Netflix so a few days ago I downloaded seven movies to watch.
  • You should also bring earbuds, I’m telling you now there the best things ever on a road trip. especially if you have an older brother that likes to sleep in the car.
  • Snacks I know the basics but if your a kid your parents will most likely have snacks in the car to avoid stopping and in my opinion those will also be important with three kids
  • Another thing you should bring is a pillow and a blanket. If your family is like mine you’ll leave at 4 am and be on the road at 4:30 am. So it’s going to be cold and I’m usually in the very back of the car so all of the luggage is back there so a pillow is deeply need.