I haven’t done a rant in awhile so here we go. Today I’d like to talk about school… Just school in general. You go there to learn for 7 hours each day but clearly that’s not enough because they give you like 3 hours of homework! But then, this is my pet peeve by the way, There’s the “you should of used the bath room in between classes”. So your telling me you want me to go my locker from my class use the bathroom get my stuff for the next and still manage to walk at a normal pace!?!? Yea no, But then when your like I don’t wanna be late so I’ll ask to go when I get there. No because then you get a lecture about “you should of gone in between classes” But then when your late you get yelled at.  One more pet peeve I have about school is when it starts your not allowed to sleep in class so why start It at like 8:30 We all have to get up around 7 so no wonder why we’re all so tired! Another thing is you get nap time up to like 1st grade then there like ha ha nope. So why teach us that we get to have nap time when later on there is no nap time. So don’t wake us up at the crack of dawn when you expect us to be fully awake and ready to learn at 8:30. Also Studies show that the human brain doesn’t fully function till at least 10 o’clock proving that school starts too early. So they expect us to get through a whole block half awake! That’s just cold.

Quotes I live by

This is gonna be an interesting blog post so bear with me. Over the past few months I’ve been writing and sharing quotes and I thought I’d like to share them to you all.

.”You don’t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step”- Martin Luther King

.”when you feel like stopping remember why you started” – Unknown

.”do more things that make you forget to check your phone” – Unknown

.”stay away from negative people they have a problem for every solution” -Albert Einstein

.”When given the choice to be right or kind choose kind” -Wonder

.”You can’t blend in when you we’re born to stand out”

.”When you can’t find the sunshine be the sunshine” – Unknown

.”Be kind even on your bad days” -Unknown

Invisalign day 4

🙁 Anything that you put In your mouth smells disgusting. I was washing out my Invisalign when I realized It wasn’t getting clean only the food was coming out. So I came out of the bathroom and my brother told me to smell It. Not my finest moment, It was disgusting. It smelled like stinky socks. I was so disgusted that I almost gagged, I had to force myself to put It back In and now when I have to put It In that’s all I think about. Now that I know that my Invisalign stinks now I’m wondering how my case smells. I haven’t smelt It yet and honestly, I’m scared to smell It If It’s even half as bad as my Invisalign I might gag for sure. I’m pretty sure that smell will come back and haunt me. I’ll be driving and It’ll just hit me out of memory that’s how bad it was.

Invisalign day two

This Is getting old… sleeping with It on made me a lot more used to It. But taking It out Is no picnic. You get spit everywhere and the case gets covered in either water from rinsing out the invisalign or spit from when you take It out. But taking It out and then back in!!! Last night I took It out for dinner then I put It back in. But then my mom said that If I finished math I could have Ice cream! So i took it back out after I was too lazy to put It back In so I went upstairs and I felt guilty for not having It In so I put It In then my mom was like lets go brush teeth so I took It back out brushed my teeth and put It back on. I was so annoyed that I finished my movie and put It In and went to bed… What a night.


Invisalign Is okay. At first it feels really weird but I’ve been told that after a week or so It feels better. Honestly I’d rather have an invisalign then braces my brother had braces and It looked like It sucked. Also I  can eat anything I would normally eat but with braces you can’t. I only have 18 months of invisalign and I cant wait til it’s over.

The Back Pack Rule

Why can’t we carry around drawstring bags or mini backpacks? I mean there’s nothing wrong with It were carrying all the little stuff (pencil case, phone etc.) Its not causing any trouble and all of a sudden they say your not allowed????? For 2 weeks I’ve been doing this and were just now getting in trouble. Its not like 6th grade girls are going to carry around something bad!


The Bell Doesn’t Dismiss You I Do

Why do teachers say the bell doesn’t dismiss you I do. Cause then I’m like no, there Is a bell for a reason and last time I checked we only had five minutes to go to our lockers, and get our stuff then get to our class. It’s incredibly annoying because a lot of my classes are upstairs and my locker Is downstairs so It takes about 3 minutes (without running) to get to my class from my locker. I mean I get It when something Important Is missing or our WHOLE class was misbehaving that’s different because when someone Isn’t doing what they were supposed to do the whole class should not be punished. Last things last If your going to hold someone late give them a late pass. This Is my biggest pet peeve of middle school… EVER! (even worse then people who walk slow), and that’s saying something.