Waking up with 5 Siblings.

What it’s like to live with 5 siblings.


I feel like this is going to be a requested post, and my friend has already suggested  it, so here it is. I also feel like there is not a lot to say, because it’s been like this for most of my life, so it’s all I’m used to. When I wake up, which is usually when my mom turns on the light at 6:10, I share a bathroom with my younger sister Chloe and Tally. Chloe sleeps in the same room as me, and Tally sleeps on a bunk bed with my younger sister  Penny. Her toothbrush is in our bathroom, and that’s where all the supplies are to do their hair in  the morning, which is done by my mom. They also take baths in here. It is also a jack and jill bathroom, which means it connects to 2 bedrooms. My brother uses this bathroom, but is not there in the mornings because he goes to seminary, which is at my church. This is the same with my sister, but I wouldn’t see her until I get downstairs. And that’s is just part 1 of me waking up. I still have to go downstairs  and make sure they eat and don’t forget anything for school, then I can blog on my laptop and enjoy the silence for 30 minutes and then my older brother and sister come home and they eat and do homework, then at 8:05 I leave. Now I’m at school. and I do more work. so that’s my morning routine right now.

-P.S.- When do you wake up?