The Sounds Of Nature

Leaves crunching as I step into my happy place

Birds singing in their high-low high-low language

Tiny feet scurrying around the floor

Hurrying in a place where time stands still

water droplets hitting the ground from the night’s silent tears

Pitter-patter pitter-patter

All the things I hear

Come from the sounds

Of nature

Backlash By Sarah D. Littman


As online things collide with real life, things start to spiral out of control not just for Lara, but Bree as well , because they take something a little too far that causes months of pain and questioning for everyone in their families. Once one message is made and a cyber bully hits send, no one is ever the same again, and the backlash is nothing anybody ever expected. What happens to Bree and Lara? Read Backlash by Sarah D. Littman to find out.

P.S.- This is for sure one of my favorite books, recommended to me by a fellow wonderful blogger!